The University of Central Oklahoma Hockey team swept the Midland University Warriors over the weekend. Both contests were full of drama and intensity but the Bronchos prevailed in two one goal games.

Friday night the Bronchos jumped out to a 2-0 lead from goals from Kolby Steen and a Powerplay goal by Regan Yew before the Warriors got on the board midway thru the first period. The intensity ramped up and the result was 3 players from each team being ejected from the game and another Powerplay goal by the Bronchos, Brandon Formosa just before the first intermission. The physical play continued the rest of the game as the Warriors found that while they couldn’t match the speed and skill of the Bronchos they could try to out hit the Bronchos to slow down the play to frustrate UCO. In the end, the Bronchos triumphed 3-2 setting up an epic battle the next night.

Saturday night the Bronchos outshot the Warriors 13-3 but failed to capitalize on their opportunities and the first period ended in a scoreless tie. The Bronchos turned up the heat but despite the one sided play, Midland scored first on a Powerplay goal before the Bronchos Brandon Formosa tied up the game moments later. UCO’s Spencer Peratalo scored a Powerplay goal just before the end of the second period to put the Bronchos up for good 2-1. While the Bronchos outshot the Warriors 41-19 they couldn’t get any insurance and the game remained close throughout the game.

“It was a real battle on the ice both nights, obviously, Midland knew they had to be physical in order to keep the game slowed down, but it was our inability to take advantage of our Powerplays that kept the game close”, said Head Coach, Craig McAlister.

UCO begins a long series of road games against, Arizona, Arizona State, Missouri State, Arkansas, Iowa State, Colorado and Colorado State before their next home game against Bedlam rival, the University of Oklahoma on December 1st.

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